Watch Me Think

Watch Me Think

The Old Stockyard, Farleigh Road
RG25 Basingstoke
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0)7968 696962


Standnummer: 247

Watch Me Think is a global, full service consumer video insights agency enabling companies to better understand actual rather than claimed behaviour. Unmoderated, we have participants (in over 50 markets and counting) film themselves on their smartphone, testing prototypes, reviewing new product launches in-store or bringing to life online path to purchase using our latest methodologies. Our team of ex client side researchers will then watch, review and debrief back to you the key themes, findings and recommendations. In summary: - Qualitative Behavioural Research - helping you find insights based on truths. - Bring to Life - empowering your ability to sell insight at the most seior level. - Consumer Closeness - putting your company back in touch with the real lives of your customers and consumers.
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