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EFG Worldwide

89 avenue Aristide Briand
92120 Montrouge

Tel.: +33 (0)1/46 73 31-86
Fax: +33 (0)1/46 73 31-60

Firmenprofil EFG Worldwide, subsidiary of the Paris based MV2Group, is totally dedicated in providing qualitative and quantitative fieldwork worldwide covering 88 countries through local partners.

International leader in fieldwork providing, EFG Worldwide is positioned as a one-stop shop to meet the requests of market research companies and consulting firms offering a world-wide coordination and production of quality fieldwork.

EFG Worldwide has its own large fieldwork capacities:

  • European phone center in Paris with 700 CATI stations 
  • 53 CATI stations in Miami, US and 50 CATI stations in China 
  • 9500 F2F interviewers throughout Europe 
  • 3 fully equipped viewing facilities in Paris and 1 facility in Shanghai
EFG Worldwide capitalizes on MV2 Group’s 37 years of international experience.
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