SANEP s.r.o.

Cimburkova 258/21
130 00 Praha 3

Tel.: +420 605 881 188
Fax: +420 222 231 560


SANEP (The Centre for Analysis and Empirical Studies) is the first on-line Internet research centre for public opinion in the Czech Republic. Its work involves an absolutely unique way of obtaining essential information from more than 220,000 registered users who participate in individual surveys and who are exactly divided into the age, social and interest groups. Thus the SANEP's professional and analytical background is able to provide its clients within a few hours with the deciphered opinions on the current issues and concerns among the group of respondents. The main advantage of the SANEP research panel is its great speed and a huge respondent group of citizens, which can be arbitrarily defined according to the client's needs. In the case of weekly surveys, we are able to obtain information from more than 50,000 respondents.

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